Cannabis Marketing Tactics

Using cannabis marketing tactics effectively in the regulated marijuana industry is not easy. Not only might a business have to comply with regulations stipulating where, how and to whom cannabis, cannabis-related products and cannabis-related services can be advertised; but, in jurisdictions that allow both medical and recreational marijuana use, there are also two very different types of customer.

Customers using medical marijuana to treat a condition or improve their quality of life typically stick to one product or category of products. They tend to be more concerned with product consistency and predictable effects, and are three times more likely to use marijuana on a daily basis than recreational customers - making them a valuable consumer segment to the regulated marijuana industry.

Different tactics for marketing cannabis products and services are required for recreational customers. This consumer segment has a sensitivity to product pricing, but is more willing to experiment with new products and new methods of administration. Businesses wishing to promote their products and services to both consumer segments have to adopt very different cannabis marketing tactics.

Restrictions and Reluctance Thwart Tactics for Marketing Cannabis

Even if your business has the best tactics in the industry for marketing cannabis, restrictions on marijuana marketing make it very difficult to engage customers and develop brand awareness. The situation is complicated further by the reluctance of mainstream advertising channels to carry ads for cannabis-related products and services due to the federal classification of marijuana as a Class 1 drug.

For many businesses, the only possible remaining outlets for their cannabis marketing tactics are email, direct mail and group text messaging. Even with these three channels of communication, your business may still have to obtain consent from customers to send them promotional material. Unsolicited cannabis marketing is banned in many jurisdictions; in addition, the consent requirement is a safeguard to prevent minors being exposed to marijuana-related products.

Of the three possible outlets, group text messaging is the best to use for cannabis marketing tactics. Not every potential customer has access to a computer or mobile device capable of receiving emails and direct mail is a much slower channel of communication with a low response rate. Not only does group text messaging have a broader reach than email - as almost everyone has an SMS-compatible mobile device - it also has an “opt-in” process that makes it simpler to obtain explicit customer consent.

Most People are Familiar with Group Text Messaging

Group text messaging is a suitable vehicle through which to deploy cannabis marketing tactics because it is an advertising channel most people are familiar with. Often you will see advertisements inviting you to text a keyword to a dedicated number in order to benefit from a promotion. When a customer texts the keyword to the dedicated number, they typically receive an SMS message encouraging them to opt in to the retailer´s group messaging service in order to receive details about future promotions.

Each time a customer opts into the group messaging service, the retailer expands his or her database of customers. The retailer can then send a single promotional text message to hundreds or thousands of customers simultaneously, and benefit from a channel of communication identified as one of the most effective for engaging customers, developing brand awareness and increasing sales.

Research into the effectiveness of group text messaging has shown that 83% of text messages are opened and read within ninety seconds. 29% percent of customers subscribed to a group messaging service clink on links within marketing messages to visit a retailer´s website, and 47% of those subsequently make a purchase. Coupons attached to text marketing messages have a redemption rate of 30%-50%, and polls - sent to customers to generate engagement - have a 31% response rate.

How to Deploy Cannabis Marketing Tactics with Group Messaging

Deploying cannabis marketing tactics with group messaging is straightforward. You first have to create an account with a group messaging service provider. The service provider supplies the keywords you need to build a database of customers. As customers text your keywords to the dedicated number - also supplied by the service provider - and opt into your group messaging service, they are added to your database, which is also maintained on the service provider´s group texting platform.

When you next want to deploy your cannabis marketing tactics, you log into the group texting platform, upload the customers you want to send your marketing message to, write your message and click send. Within minutes your chosen group(s) of customers will be reading your marketing message wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Any responses to your marketing message will be received by the group texting platform, which - as it is web-based - can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device.

One of the most useful features of the group texting platform is that it can be used to split your customers into designated groups according to their specific preferences. This overcomes the issue of sending promotions relating to medical cannabis-related goods and services to recreational cannabis customers. It also facilitates management of your customer database and reduces your marketing costs, as you will only be sending text marketing messages to those for whom they are relevant. 

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