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Business Text Messaging with Long Codes

Business text messaging is a reliable, cost-effective and secure way to build relationships with clients. With over 50% of website traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, smart business owners understand that sending and receiving SMS text and voice messages is one of the best ways to communicate with both employees and customers alike.

Why Should You Use Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging marketing is one of today's most un-saturated and successful strategies. An efficient way to employ text messaging for business is through the use of long codes. Long code numbers are standard, 10-digit numbers that operate just like a traditional phone number, receiving SMS text and voice messages.

They are the do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, turnkey solution for business. As a personalized, direct, two-way communication method, long codes are quick to set-up, inexpensive and handle your calls and texts with ease with ease with these features:

  1. Collect Customer Information
  2. Engage in Communication
  3. Provide Content That is Relevant and Targeted
  4. Alert Notifications
  5. Appointment Reminders and Confirmations
  6. Business Management
  7. Emergencies

How Can My Business Benefit from SMS Text Messaging Services?

If your goal is to achieve a higher response rate, reach a broader audience and pursue additional marketing opportunities, long-code text messaging for business is worth exploring. In these use case examples, as the most reliable texting software platform for business, Group Texting has been serving these industries and applications build more engagement, find more leads, close more deals and improve customer satisfaction:

  1. Restaurants
    • Build deeper relationships with guests by providing regular offers that include free food/drinks specials, mobile coupons and/or special codes used for reservations during busy times.
  2. Churches
    • Send out daily prayers, promote community cohesion, engage with questions related to the sermon and invite members to church-related functions.
  3. Political Campaigns
    • Leverage to power emergency & media rapid response, mobile polling, operative communications, meetup coordination, mobile petitioning, fundraising and more.
  4. Schools
    • Send out campus wide text alerts, emergency notifications, increase attendance at clubs and communicate with members between organizations.
  5. Real Estate
    • Allow house hunters to instantly request and receive property listing information directly from their phones.
  6. Ecommerce
    • Manage orders, shipping notifications, promote a current sale, engage in customer support or advertise new arrivals.

Don't see your business listed? No worries! Group Texting can still help you reach your goals. Contact us today!

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Long-Code Texting Service For Business?

Many businesses have a preference for short-code business text messaging because 5 or 6 digit numbers are easier to remember when they are promoted via a TV ad, a radio ad, or on a billboard that a potential contact may be driving past. However, for some businesses, long-codes have these significant advantages:

  • Minimal set-up time
  • Convenient - Send SMS messages and make calls from the same existing business number
  • Opens up a new channel for customer engagement
  • International reach and accepted by all carriers, which means it has a broader reach than its short code alternative
  • Provides personalized and seamless two-way conversation – seeing a message come from a long-code with 10 or 11 digits disguises that it is a marketing tactic, resulting in higher response rates

The advantages of a higher response rate, a broader reach and more marketing opportunities can make long-code text messaging for business a more effective mobile marketing channel than short-code messaging for any business that does not engage in TV or radio advertising. The same applies to any political party, church, non-profit or organization looking for an effective 2-way SMS communication tool.

How Does Text Messaging For Business Work?

Business text messaging is commonly used for reminders, alerts and marketing, as well as for communicating between both staff and customers. In order to get started, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Develop a Database of Contacts
    • Promote your keyword and phone number on social media, in-store or website to encourage users to send a text and be added as a contact.
  2. Subscribers Sign-Up
    • When the contact texts the keyword or clicks on a "click-to-join" widget, he or she opts into the business's text messaging service and is added to the business's database.
  3. Send Message
    • Log into your business text messaging software, upload the group(s) or sub-group(s) of contacts, compose the message and hit "Send".

What Do You Need To Begin Texting Your Customers?

To begin utilizing text message business communication, the only two things you will need is a computer and an internet connection. Group Texting's software is entirely web-based that will work on any system, so there is no need to download anything. Register today and you'll be texting in less than five minutes!

Why Choose SMS Text Messaging From Group Texting?

Group Texting's text messaging software platform for business, established in 2006, is suitable for all types of organizations – from the smallest community church to the largest retail operator. Our effective and reliable service allows businesses to prepare their text marketing messages in advance, schedule them to be delivered when they will attract maximum attention, and easily monitor response rates. We make it simple to implement your mobile marketing strategies and have a dedicated team of experts to assist you along the way.

Why Register A Free Group Texting Account For Your Business?

If you would like to experience the advantages of long-code text message marketing for business, we invite you to register today for a free Group Texting account. In addition to granting you access, we will provide you with a free demo keyword and the tools to build your own "Click-To-Join" widgets so you can start developing your contact database today.

Once you've begun adding contacts to your list, you can select from a Pay-&-Go pricing plan or a range of competitive pricing plans offering discounts based on the number of text messages you send. If you are unsure about which of our plans is best for your business, speak with our team of Client Success Managers. Our team can answer any questions you have or resolve any problems you encounter.

Register today, and we will credit your account with ten credits to try SMS text messaging for business free of charge. Our team knows what it takes to succeed, and we look forward to helping your business do the same by getting you up and running fast.

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