How to Improve Nightlife Marketing Response Rates

Learn the Secret to Maximize SMS Text Marketing ROI

Nightlife marketing is stressful. When you get it right, customers flood through your doors and your business thrives. When you get it wrong, the bar falls silent. If you're searching for nightclub and bar promotion ideas that work, start with nightlife texting through a bulk SMS service. Text marketing is an interactive strategy with impressive response rates.

Are Keywords Important When Creating An Interactive SMS Text Blast?

  • Keywords are a great way to connect with your target market and encourage responses to your text promotions.
    • Choose keywords that are relevant to each promotion sent through text message.
    • You will receive at least one free keyword when you sign up for our text marketing service, and you can purchase additional keywords as needed.
    • The free keyword is often used for first-time followers to opt into your SMS marketing messages.

Is It Bad For Response Rates When People Unsubscribe From SMS Marketing Services For Your Business?

  • While it's disheartening to see potential customers opt out of your nightlife texting campaign, it can work in your favor.
    • Consumers feel in control knowing that they can text a simple keyword to instantly remove themselves from your list.
    • That limits your text marketing list to people who have a genuine interest in your business.
  • You won't waste money or time on messages that are ignored or deleted unread.
    • You're also more likely to receive responses from people who ask to hear from you.

Is There A Way To Personalize Text Message Marketing So That Recipients Want To Respond?

Calling a person by their name is the best way to personalize a message. That's why our text marketing service allows you to insert first names when sending out a text blast. A generalized message without a first name sounds impersonal and promotional. When you add a name, you turn it into a private conversation that most people feel justifies a response.

Can You Improve Nightlife Marketing Response Rates By Maintaining Multiple Smaller Lists?

  • Many bar, nightclub, sports club and restaurant owners brag about massive promotional campaigns sent to long contact lists.
    • The problem is that many people on their list have no interest in their current sports club, nightclub and bar promotions.
    • If you want to improve your response rate, take the time to split that long contact list up into groups.
  • Each group should represent consumers with a specific interest.
    • Perhaps you have one list of women who may attend a lady's night event and another list for your VIP customers.
    • Send each of your bulk SMS messages to the groups most likely to take interest.
  • You're more likely to receive an impressive response rate with targeted marketing.
    • Those precise lists will also save you money by limiting the number of messages sent for each text message marketing campaign.
    • Our bulk SMS service makes it easy to maintain targeted lists.

Will Responses To A Text Blast Increase The Cost Of SMS Text Marketing?

  • A good text messaging marketing service will never charge you for incoming texts.
    • That turns a heavy response rate into a pleasure rather than a financial stressor.
    • You will need to pay for return texts sent from your long code 10-digit phone number but keep in mind that many people never respond to promotional nightlife texts. They simply save the message and show up at the appropriate time.

Improve Nightlife Marketing Response Rates for Free

  • If you are not yet reaching 95% of your target audience, we are offering nightlife establishment owners the opportunity to improve nightlife marketing response rates from text messaging for free. To take advantage of the offer, simply call our team of Client Success Managers and tell them that you would like to try our "Pay & Go!" texting plan that come with 1 Keyword and 10 free credits to test out our service.
  • One of our friendly team members will answer any questions you may have about using SMS text marketing, explain how to set up your online account and guide you through getting started with sending out your first marketing text messages. If you encounter any difficulties, our team is always on hand to help you out.
  • There is no need for you to provide your credit card, sign a contract or commit to any long-term relationship between yourself and Group Texting. Your fully-enabled account will be ready for you to use as you wish (subject to our Terms of Service) within minutes of setting up your account.
  • When you call, don't forget to ask about our sign-up tools for your websites and social media channels. With these tools, your visitors and followers will be able to opt-in to receive your SMS marketing texts, increasing your promotional reach further still.

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