How To Maximize Results of Nightlife Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Night Clubs and Bars SMS Text Messaging Tips

Nightlife texting is one of the simplest ways to connect with customers. Most adults have their cellphones in hand throughout the day and night. They're more likely to open a text message instantly while direct mail and emails can sit unopened for days or weeks. We're here to help you maximize results from your SMS text marketing campaigns.

Does It Matter When You Send A Text Blast?

  • The day and time that you send an SMS text blast can make a difference in your results.
    • It's often easy to estimate the best time if you know your customer base well and are in tune with consumer trends in your geographical area.
    • You can also use trial and error until you get it right. With time, you will recognize how response rates fluctuate for nightlife marketing campaigns launched at different times.

Can You Use Real Names Messaging Customers Through Nightlife Texting?

Our text marketing service allows you to insert first names when sending out night club and bar promotions. That is an easy way to personalize each message so that recipients are more likely to respond. It feels like you're speaking directly to one person even if your SMS text blast was delivered to hundreds or thousands of people.

What Are The Advantages To Using Long Codes For Night Club And Bar Promotions?

  1. Long code phone numbers have different restrictions than short codes.
    • That makes them a good option when marketing for bars, sports clubs, nightclubs and other nightlife establishments.
    • Without the same regulations on messaging that may not be appropriate for minors, this allows you to create effective SMS blasts that reach your audience without concern.
  2. You don't have to register for a dedicated long code with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.
    • That can save you up to three months vs. attempting to procure a dedicated short code that is not shared.
  3. Long codes have a more official appearance being 10-digits long.
    • Since they're the length of a regular phone number, consumers often feel they're more legitimate for a business than a short code.
  4. Keep in mind that you can only send one text message per long code per second.
    • That can slow down delivery of your SMS blast, so you don't get immediate impact. Many businesses use multiple long codes to avoid that problem.

How Can The Use Of Keywords Improve Results From A Text Message Marketing Campaign?

  1. Keywords are a great way to connect with your target market and encourage responses to your text promotions.
  2. In SMS marketing, keywords offer a fast and fun way for text message recipients to respond to an SMS blast.
    • Your customers may reply to one of your messages with a keyword to get on the list for an upcoming event or earn a free drink on their next visit.
  3. Creative use of keywords can improve response rates while providing valuable information that helps you make important decisions for your business.
  4. You can also use keywords to collect feedback in response to a survey or questionnaire.

Do SMS Marketing Services Allow Precise Targeting?

  • Precise targeting is one of the best ways to maximize results from nightlife marketing campaigns.
    • Rather than sending every text blast to your full contact list, you can send each message to a list of targeted consumers.
    • You may send special promotions to your most loyal customers while offering different discounts to encourage new customers to visit your establishment.
  • Our text messaging marketing service makes it easy to maintain multiple lists.
    • You can decide which lists receive each text blast, controlling your overall expense while considering the needs of each customer.
    • That may also prevent your recipients from feeling overwhelmed because they won't receive every text message that you send out.

How Can You Create Buzz Around A Specific Text Marketing List?

  • Everyone wants to feel like a VIP.
    • If word gets out that there's an exclusive club, you can bet that many people will want to join.
    • You can create that kind of buzz when marketing for bars, sports clubs, night clubs and other nightlife establishments through a bulk SMS service.
    • Simply create an exclusive keyword that allows consumers to opt into a list for select customers.
    • You can do this by limiting the VIP list to a small number of customers.
  • Another option is to require all customers to complete a challenge for admission to the list.
    • Perhaps the challenge is to bring a friend to the bar or to say a secret word to your bartender or waitress.
    • Whatever the challenge, the exclusive rewards delivered to this select group must live up to the hype.
    • Give them advance notice of the hottest events or a weekly discount on select products.

Do SMS Marketing Services Allow You To Run Contests Or Giveaways?

  • Some of the most successful sports club and bar promotion ideas include contests with lucrative prizes or giveaways with in-demand products.
    • Many nightlife establishments run only in-house contests, but that's a mistake.
    • Use your nightlife texting abilities to pull more customers in through your contests.
  • The simplest way to do this is to announce your contests through a text blast.
    • You may also hold text-only contests that require winners to visit your establishment to claim their rewards.
    • That gets more people through your door, but word of mouth advertising is likely to work in your favor as well.
    • Everyone wants in when prizes are on the line.

Is It Worth The Time To Send Out An Information-Only SMS Text Blast?

  1. When marketing for bars, sports clubs, night clubs and other nightlife establishments, relevant information sent at just the right time is powerful.
    • If you want to bring in more people for your sports bar, try sending out text messages with times for the games you will show each day or week.
    • Those little reminders will make it easier for your customers to plan a night out, increasing the number of people at your bar for each game.
  2. You may also designate a bulk SMS list to trivia facts about your most popular or little-known alcoholic beverages.
    • If your restaurant is a hotspot for wine lovers, then perhaps you should indulge your fans with wine trivia.
    • If you make more money from craft beer, updates or contests about popular beers may work well.
  3. You can also use information-only text messages to announce your newest products. Customers are more likely to try something new if you take the time to tell them all about it.
    • What does it taste like?
    • How will it make them feel?
    • Who is the ideal buyer?
    • Why are you offering it now?

Maximize Nightlife Text Message Marketing for Free

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