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Many of the world´s most recognizable brands use SMS marketing as a key element of their mobile marketing strategies. Ford Motors, Macy´s and Wal-Mart are among businesses that have significant text marketing operations; and one of the most frequently quoted statistics you will read about SMS text marketing for business is that the Coca-Cola Company allocates 70% of its entire mobile marketing budget to SMS marketing.

However, SMS is not just a marketing channel for businesses with substantial budgets. The affordability of SMS text marketing for business makes it an ideal marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Indeed, as you go through your daily routine, it is difficult to avoid noticing an advertisement inviting you to text a keyword to a dedicated number in order to take advantage of a special offer or promotion.

Why SMS Text Marketing for Business is So Successful

SMS text marketing for business is so successful because it enjoys a high response rate. When an individual texts a keyword to take advantage of a special offer or promotion, they are invited to join the business´s SMS marketing service. When they accept the invitation, it is usually because the individual wants to be informed of further special offers and promotions. Effectively they want to hear what the business has to say.

Most people keep their mobile devices with them at all times. Therefore, when the business next sends a text marketing message, the message is read almost immediately. When the message relates to an offer the individual is interested in, they tend to respond immediately -- or, in the event of a discount on a purchase, redeem the offer in a short space of time. Research has shown that on-demand SMS coupons have a redemption rate of 30%-50%.

The Technical Part of SMS Marketing is Easy

A further advantage of SMS marketing is that SMS text marketing for business is easy. When an individual accepts an invitation to join a business´s text marketing service, his or her details are added to a database maintained on a web-based bulk texting platform. When a business owner wants to send an SMS marketing message, they log into the platform, upload their list of customers, write their marketing message and click send.

Bulk texting platforms have plenty of features to make SMS text marketing for business as effective as possible. Messages can be written in advance and scheduled to be sent when they will get the most attention. Sent messages can be saved as templates for future messages, and businesses can set up drip-fed or recurring SMS marketing campaigns months in advance. Messages can even be sent addressed to the recipient by name to increase their impact.

The Benefit of Long-Code SMS Text Marketing for Business

When individuals see an advertisement inviting them to text a keyword to a dedicated number, the number is in one of two formats - short-code (five or six digits long) or long-code (ten digits long). Many businesses have a preference for short-code SMS marketing because they believe a five or six digit number is easier to remember than a ten digit number. It is. But unless the five or six digit number is an expensive vanity code (i.e. Wal-Mart uses 40303), a five digit number is easily forgettable.

However, what many businesses fail to realize is that not all carriers accept text messages originating from, or being sent to, short-code numbers. Therefore any business that uses a long-code number in its SMS marketing campaigns will have a broader reach, will be sure its text marketing messages are received by all its customers, and will have a competitive advantage over businesses in its market sector using short-code SMS marketing. 

Long-Code SMS Marketing from Group Texting

Group Texting is a well-established bulk texting services provider, and one of a group of companies that has been providing bulk texting services since 2006. Using our industry experience, we have developed a feature-rich, long-code bulk texting service that takes advantage of the intimacy and immediacy of SMS marketing and enables businesses to connect with customers, develop brand loyalty and increase sales. Despite being feature-rich, our platform is incredibly versatile and easy to use.

One of the most popular features of our bulk texting platform is the poll builder feature. This feature enables businesses to send SMS messages seeking the opinions of its database - messages that typically have a high response rate. People love to express their opinions, and responses to polls can help businesses develop future promotions and future marketing campaigns. Topical or amusing polls also tend to be shared among family and friends - helping grow customer databases faster.

If you would like to take advantage of the immediacy and intimacy of SMS marketing from Group Texting so that your business can connect with your customers, develop brand loyalty and increase sales, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you through the process of registering for a free account, which will give you access to our bulk texting platform and use of our long-code number. Speak with us today, and we will include a free demo keyword so you can start building your customer database, and load your account with ten free credits towards your first SMS marketing campaign.

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