What are the Best Bar Promotion Ideas that Work?

Bar and Night Clubs Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Effective bar promotion ideas are critical to the success of any nightlife establishment. If you don't discover what appeals to your ideal customer, you will struggle to turn a profit. Luckily, technology is making bar promotions less time consuming and more affordable. With the right bulk SMS service and a bar or nightclub marketing plan, your business can thrive.

Why Is Text Marketing One Of The Best Bar Marketing Strategies?

  1. SMS marketing services allow you to reach every person on your list instantly. You don't have to wait for a printing service or the mailman. Paste your message into the service, select the list to receive the message, and hit the send button. Your recipients will receive the message within seconds. That speed is critical when promoting time-sensitive specials or events.
  2. Text message marketing reduces the cost of marketing for a bar substantially. You can subscribe to monthly plans that allow you to send a select number of messages for one flat fee. You're never charged for incoming texts, so a heavy response rate isn't costly.
  3. You never have to sign a contract to use a legitimate text marketing service. You're free to cancel your subscription at any time. When you're ready to resume nightlife texting, you can sign back up with no questions asked. That allows you the freedom you deserve when learning how to promote a bar or restaurant business.
  4. Consumers have to give their consent to receive your bulk SMS bar marketing messages. They send a special keyword to your short or long code to opt into the service. They're always free to opt out by texting another keyword. Opt-in and opt-out keywords are often as simple as "yes" or "stop." That gives you confidence that everyone on your list wants to hear from you even if they don't respond to your messages.
  5. You can personalize your SMS text blast. When you add a first name to each text message sent, you turn a promotional message into a personal conversation. It's far more difficult to personalize social media posts, blogs and other bar promotion ideas that aren't delivered to a personal electronic device.
  6. Splitting a long mailing list into categories allows you to launch more precise and effective bar marketing campaigns. Your SMS text marketing account allows you to quickly create separate lists while allowing consumers to opt into one or more lists quickly. Targeting certain groups for each of your bar promotions will meet the needs of your subscribers while saving you some money. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your list with messages that don't pertain to their interests.
  7. You can automate your nightlife marketing by scheduling future text blast campaigns. When you enter a promotional message in your bulk SMS service, you have the choice of automatic delivery or future delivery. Choose future delivery, set the date and time for delivery, and move on to more important tasks while the service keeps your bar marketing ideas rolling.
  8. SMS marketing allows you to send promotions to potential customers when they're in your geographical area. If you want to learn how to attract customers to your bar, this point is worth gold. Figure out the times and days that your ideal customers are out on the town. When are they most likely to eat dinner with friends? What days of the week are they searching for a good happy hour? Hit them with a text blast at the right moment, and you could see them pouring through your door just moments later.
  9. It takes about five minutes to establish an account with a reputable text marketing service. Once you upload your list of phone numbers and create your short text message, you're ready to hit send. That makes bulk SMS one of the fastest bar ideas to bring in customers.
  10. SMS marketing is the most convenient form of customer service for many nightlife customers. If you advertise a long SMS code, your guests may send you quick messages with feedback from their visit. Most bar patrons aren't likely to pull up their email when they get home or place a phone call. They're more likely to let you know how they feel if they can send a simple text while sitting on a bar stool or during the cab ride home. The same goes for asking questions about your hours, inquiring about prices or asking for details on special events.

Do Merchandise Giveaways Work When Marketing For Bars?

The customized merchandise market is booming, and businesses of all sizes are the fuel. While you may not benefit from handing out free T-shirts or ink pens to customers already in your bar, combining merchandise giveaways with nightlife texting is quite effective.

  1. Use your SMS marketing services to advertise a giveaway for people willing to complete a specific challenge.
    • For instance, you may give a free branded ball cap to the first 20 people who opt into your list and say a secret word to your bartender.
    • The text message and secret word create more excitement than simply handing t-shirts over the bar.
    • The goal is to bring in new people and keep your regulars coming back. You have to reach them before they enter the bar to accomplish those goals.

Are Special Events A Good Investment In How To Market Your Bar?

  1. Special events give your customers new reasons to visit the bar.
    • Your regulars are more likely to encourage their friends to visit your bar if there's something unique happening.
    • If you're worried that investing in a special event will lead to a loss of money due to poor attendance, use your text marketing skills to pump up excitement over the event.
  2. Don't wait until the night of the event to send out a text blast. Nightlife marketing sometimes requires you to think ahead.
    • Start alerting your SMS subscribers to upcoming events as soon as you lock down a date and know the details.
    • You may start giving clues, encouraging your customers to guess the live musical artist visiting next week.
  3. If you create a special cocktail for an event, make sure to send out alluring pictures so that consumers want to visit and try it out.
    • Better yet, hold a text contest to allow your customers to name the new cocktail.
    • The winner may get free entry to the event or a free round of the special cocktail for up to four friends. When the night of the event rolls around, it's time for your final text blast.

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