What are the Most Cost-Effective Sports Bar Marketing Strategies?

Sports Bar Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

You don't need an enormous budget to implement effective sports bar marketing strategies. Modern technology has opened the door to SMS marketing services and other creative bar promotion ideas. If you're wondering how to improve your bar business without going into debt, our sports bar ideas will help. It all starts with effective nightlife texting.

How Can SMS Marketing Save You Money?

  1. The best SMS marketing services will never lock you into a contract.
    • You maintain the freedom to use the service as often as needed, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
    • Other marketing services that require a contract can force you to waste time and money if your sports bar marketing plan changes over time.
  2. A legitimate text marketing service will never charge for responses to an SMS text blast.
    • All incoming messages are free.
  3. A good text messaging marketing service will offer monthly plans that allow you to send hundreds or thousands of messages for one convenient price.
    • If you go beyond the limits of your selected plan, you can upgrade to a better plan.
    • You can also go over your limit by agreeing to pay five cents or less per additional text message sent.
    • These plans make it easy for you to control the cost of your bar promotions.
  4. Consumers can quickly opt in and out of your text marketing messages.
    • Most people won't opt in if they don't have some level of interest in your business. That ensures that you don't waste time or money sending a text blast to uninterested people.
    • A short list that is highly targeted is always more effective than a long list filled with people who aren't paying attention.
  5. Most bar promotions that work allow you to split your mailing list into categories.
    • That allows precise targeting for each of your bar marketing ideas.
    • It also saves you money because you will send fewer text messages for each targeted campaign.
  6. Time is money in the sports bar industry.
    • You have a lot of balls to juggle to ensure your business succeeds, so saving time is a way to save money.
    • Bulk SMS nightlife marketing allows you to save time by scheduling future text blasts.
    • You can take one day each week or month to plan your bar marketing strategies and schedule each text blast to go out later. That frees your time to take care of your bar and enjoy the results of your nightlife texting.
  7. SMS marketing services are incredibly easy to use.
    • You don't need to hire a sports bar marketing expert to help you figure it out.
    • That means you can spend more money implementing your bar marketing strategies.

SMS Text Marketing vs Email Marketing Affordability

  1. An SMS text blast will offer more than a 95 percent open rate.
    • Compare that to about a 20 percent open rate for most email marketing campaigns.
    • Even if you pay for each text message sent in the blast, you're likely to profit more from SMS marketing than email marketing. Recipients can't respond to your message if they don't open it and read.
  2. Precise targeting is essential when marketing for a bar.
    • A text messaging marketing service will allow you to easily maintain multiple lists rather than one rambling email contact list.
    • That allows you to target each sports bar marketing campaign to the most appropriate list.
    • Sending fewer text messages saves you money while improving the results of each campaign.
  3. Depending on whether you manage your own email marketing strategy or outsource to an agency, you can easily spend $300 - $1,000 per month. Compare that to $100 or less per month with the best bulk SMS service.
    • That price allows you to send thousands of text messages each month, and you can send more messages for five cents or less.

Bulk SMS Service vs Direct Mail Cost-Effectiveness

  1. Most consumers know that they can quickly opt out of text message marketing. That keeps your mailing list concise and effective.
    • Direct mail is different because most people will drop a mailing in the trash unread rather than contact the business to get off their mailing list.
  2. Businesses in all industries are notorious for refusing to take names off their direct mailing list even when a consumer requests their removal.
    • Many consumers now believe that asking for mailed promotions to stop is a waste of time. When that happens, you will spend money sending out direct mail that is quickly trashed.
    • The easy opt-out process for SMS text marketing gives consumers the freedom to unsubscribe themselves automatically.
  3. Duplicate mailings are an expensive reality when you send out direct mail promotions.
    • It's difficult to know when a consumer is placed on your list twice, so you may pay to send them two or more of the same mailing.
    • That doesn't happen with our text marketing service because our system automatically detects duplicate phone numbers. Each number on your list is always unique, and each subscriber receives only one text for each blast.
  4. The cost of direct mail depends on the type of mailing sent and the cost of postage.
    • You can expect to spend at least 50 cents per mailing, which is quite expensive when compared to less than five cents per text message in an SMS blast.

Text Blast vs Social Media Marketing Cost Difference

  1. Social media marketing is free when you write and post personally.
    • That makes it one of the most cost-effective sports bar ideas for advertising.
    • Sending bulk SMS messages will cost you up to $100 per month, but some campaigns are more effective through text regardless of the price.
  2. If you don't have the time or skill to manage your own social marketing strategies, then you need to pay a professional to take over.
    • That will often cost substantially more than nightlife texting with your own text message marketing account.
    • Group Texting is easy to learn, so you don't need professional guidance.
  3. If you're still learning how to promote a bar or restaurant business, social media marketing and text message marketing work well together.
    • You can reach your target market on two or more platforms for maximum reach even on a limited advertising budget.

Try Sports Bar Most Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy for Free

  • If you are not yet reaching 95% of your target audience, we are offering nightlife establishment owners the opportunity to try using the best sports bar marketing strategy in text messaging for free. To take advantage of the offer, simply call our team of Client Success Managers and tell them that you would like to try our "Pay & Go!" texting plan that come with 1 Keyword and 10 free credits to test out our service.
  • One of our friendly team members will answer any questions you may have about using SMS text marketing, explain how to set up your online account and guide you through getting started with sending out your first marketing text messages. If you encounter any difficulties, our team is always on hand to help you out.
  • There is no need for you to provide your credit card, sign a contract or commit to any long-term relationship between yourself and Group Texting. Your fully-enabled account will be ready for you to use as you wish (subject to our Terms of Service) within minutes of setting up your account.
  • When you call, don't forget to ask about our sign-up tools for your websites and social media channels. With these tools, your visitors and followers will be able to opt-in to receive your SMS marketing texts, increasing your promotional reach further still.

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