Bulk SMS for Cannabis Promotions

For many businesses within the regulated marijuana industry, bulk SMS for cannabis promotions is the only practical channel through which to advertise products and services. Many licensing authorities have introduced strict marijuana marketing regulations that severely limit where, how and to whom cannabis promotions can be advertised.

In order to protect minors and other vulnerable members of society, most radio, TV, and billboard cannabis advertising is prohibited, as are online advertising and social media marketing. Consequently, in order to comply with the marijuana marketing regulations, some businesses are confined to using direct mail or email to promote their businesses.  

Response rates for direct mail and email marketing are relatively low - making these campaigns comparatively ineffective. Businesses searching for alternative and compliant ways to promote their products and services should look no further than bulk SMS for cannabis promotions - a simple and effective way of advertising to all your customers simultaneously with the click of a mouse. 

Why Bulk SMS for Cannabis Promotions?

In addition to being an allowable form of marketing in many regulated states, bulk SMS for cannabis promotions is particularly effective. 98% of the population has access to a cellphone or smartphone capable of receiving an SMS text message, and 91% keep their mobile devices within reach at all times. As a result, customers receive SMS text marketing messages wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

In terms of bulk SMS for cannabis promotions, 98% of SMS text marketing messages are opened. Between 30% and 50% of discount coupons attached to SMS text marketing messages are redeemed (where discount vouchers are allowed by marijuana marketing regulations) and 29% of customers click on a link directing them to the business´s website - 47% of those subsequently making a purchase.

Furthermore, bulk SMS for cannabis promotions is a “permission-based” activity. This means that customers have to opt into your group SMS text marketing service in order to receive your SMS text marketing messages. This has the dual benefit of ensuring minors are not exposed to cannabis advertising, and that customers receiving details of your promotions are interested in what your business has to say.

How to Attract Customers to an SMS Text Marketing Service

There are several ways in which businesses can attract customers to an SMS text marketing service. Asking individual customers to join or for referrals is a rather slow and labor-intensive process, and whereas placing “click-to-join” widgets on your website is less labor-intensive, you may still require considerable patience before you can start sending bulk SMS for cannabis promotions.

A rather quicker method is to advertise keywords and ask your customers to text them to a dedicated number. Keywords are short memorable words that may reflect a particular brand, product or service; and when your customers text a keyword to your dedicated number, they opt in to receive SMS text marketing messages from you, and their details are automatically added to your customer marketing database.

Your customer marketing database is stored on the mass texting platform provided for you by your SMS text marketing service provider. The service provider will also supply keywords and dedicated numbers and offer support on how to build brand awareness, generate engagement and increase sales with bulk SMS for cannabis promotions.

The Mass Texting Platform and its Features

The mass texting platform is a web-based application that you can access from any location with Internet service (i.e. no downloads or software to install). In order to send SMS text marketing messages, you simply log into the platform, upload a list of customers you want to receive details of your promotion, write your message, and click send - or schedule the message to be sent later.

By saving sent messages as templates for future SMS text marketing messages, you can use the scheduling feature to compile drip-fed or recurring campaigns. You can sort your database into groups according to customers’ particular interests, and increase the impact of your SMS text marketing messages by addressing each message to the customer by name.

The mass texting platform also has advanced reporting features. These can be used to track delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement. If you use bulk SMS for cannabis promotions to conduct surveys, the results will be collated automatically by the platform. Using these analytics, you can fine-tune future SMS text marketing messages to increase their impact and improve customer responses.

Further Information about Bulk SMS for Medical Cannabis Promotions

If you would like to know more about bulk SMS for cannabis promotions - either medical or recreational cannabis - do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experienced Client Success Managers will be able to tell you whether bulk SMS for medical cannabis promotions is allowed by your local marijuana marketing regulations and, if so, invite you to try our group SMS text marketing service for free.

Our offer includes a free bulk SMS texting account, free access to the mass texting platform, ten free credits and a free keyword you can use to attract customers to your SMS text marketing service. There is no credit card required, no contract to sign and no obligation to extend the use of our group SMS text marketing service once the free credits have been used.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, contact us today. One of our team members will walk you through the registration process, explain more about our feature-rich mass texting platform, and set up your account within minutes. Soon you will be able to compliantly and effectively reach all your customers simultaneously with bulk SMS for cannabis promotions.

No contracts, no setup fees, no kidding.

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