Cannabis Marketing Examples

If you have a business in the regulated marijuana industry, and you are looking for ways to attract customers to your business, you may be surprised to find so few cannabis marketing examples on the Internet. There are several reasons for this.

Many states prohibit examples of cannabis marketing to protect minors from exposure to marijuana. Their regulations apply not only to “traditional” marketing channels - such as TV, radio and billboard advertising - but also to advertising channels such as the Internet that can be accessed by anyone.

The lack of cannabis marketing examples on the Internet is also due to the federal classification of marijuana as a Class 1 drug. In 2011, Google paid the Department of Justice $500 million to avoid prosecution for accepting marijuana-related “Adwords” advertising.

Ever since, online advertising channels have been apprehensive about examples of cannabis marketing. Facebook and Instagram take down pages promoting marijuana or marijuana-related goods and services, and the Apple App Store aggressively polices apps promoting recreational marijuana use.

Why SEO Alone is Not an Effective Solution

Many websites you will come across offering examples of cannabis marketing solely focus on getting your business´s website as high as possible in search engine rankings. Whereas search engines recognize and reward great content, search engine optimization is not an effective solution on its own.

After putting in the required effort to reach a high position, you will have to dedicate resources to maintain that high position. Some advocates of search engine optimization would have you dedicate so many resources to maintaining your position that you’d have little time left to run your business.

SEO does have its benefits, but there are more effective and less labor-intensive ways of attracting customers to your website. In most states, direct mail, email marketing and SMS messaging are permissible advertising channels for marijuana marketing. Provided you obtain explicit consent to market to your customers through these channels, they can be used to drive visitors to your website.

Of the three options, SMS messaging is the most effective. It is a much faster channel of communication than direct mail, and more customers have access to an SMS-compatible mobile device than one that can receive emails - giving SMS messaging a broader reach. Furthermore, the “opt-in” process makes it easier to obtain explicit consent from potential customers.

Examples of Cannabis Marketing with Bulk SMS Messaging

Bulk SMS messaging is the process by which you contact a large database of customers by SMS text, simultaneously with the same message. Text marketing messages are sent from a web-based platform and can be used to attract customers to your business´s website. Usually a business will include a link in the SMS text message that customers can click on.   

In addition to attracting customers to your business´s website, bulk SMS messaging can be used to generate engagement and build brand awareness with polls and surveys, or increase sales with the use of coupons (where allowed) and by notifying customers of time-sensitive or stock-limited offers. Where examples of cannabis marketing with bulk SMS messaging exist, the results are remarkable:

  • 29% percent of customers subscribed to a bulk messaging service click on links within SMS messages to visit business websites. 47% of those subsequently make a purchase.
  • 31% of customers subscribed to a bulk messaging service respond to SMS polls and surveys. The average time taken to respond is less than six minutes.
  • On-demand coupons have a redemption rate of 30%-50% and drive customers to your brick and mortar establishment, where they typically purchase more than just the discounted items.

These examples of cannabis marketing show that bulk SMS messaging produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing. Bulk SMS messaging can also be used run VIP programs – according to a recent survey, it is the channel preferred for loyalty-related promotions by 48% of consumers.

One further advantage of SMS messaging via a group messaging platform - not often mentioned when discussing cannabis marketing examples - is that messages are trackable and measurable. This means that businesses can see where the interest from customers comes from and due to which campaigns. With this information, businesses can fine-tune future campaigns to increase their effectiveness.

Cannabis Marketing: Examples of How Bulk SMS Messaging Works

Most people are aware of one side of how bulk SMS messaging works. Potential customers read or hear an advertisement inviting them to text a keyword to a dedicated number in order to take advantage of a special offer. When they text the keyword to the retailer or service provider, they opt into the retailer´s or service provider´s bulk messaging service in order to receive details of future promotions.

The “other side” of the process works like this. Businesses create an account with a group messaging service provider. The group messaging service provider supplies the keywords the business will need to develop its customer database and access to a group messaging platform. As customers opt into the bulk messaging service, they are added to the database maintained on the group messaging platform.

When the business wants to send a marketing SMS message, it logs into the group messaging platform, uploads the group of customers to whom the message is relevant, writes the message and clicks send. Within minutes, the group of customers will be receiving the marketing SMS message in a much more effective and less labor-intensive way than constantly having to update a website with new content.

The opportunity to divide a database into groups of customers will help businesses that provide a service for two or more different customer types - for example dispensaries retailing products for medical and recreational customers. The grouping facility not only helps with identifying which marketing campaigns are most successful, but also prevents the scenario in which customers opt out of the group messaging service due to receiving too many texts that are not relevant to them.

Improve Your Business Marketing with Group Messaging

SMS text messaging in bulk is one of the best cannabis marketing examples of how you can promote your business in the regulated marijuana industry. As it is the most intimate type of communication, SMS text messaging helps prevent commoditization and keeps your products or services in the forefront of your customers´ minds. As an ideal tool for building customer awareness and brand loyalty, there is no better cannabis marketing example than SMS text messaging in bulk.

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