Group SMS for Medical Marijuana Promotions

In many areas where the cultivation, retail and distribution of medical cannabis is regulated, group SMS for medical marijuana promotions is practically the only effective way in which businesses in the medical cannabis industry can compliantly market their products and services.

Many states have introduced restrictions on how medical cannabis products and services can be advertised in order to protect minors and other vulnerable members of society. Consequently in these states it is not possible to advertise via many conventional marketing channels.

Where allowable, some businesses in the industry use email or direct mail to market to their customers. However, these channels of communication are quite ineffective. Response rates are low and it is difficult to extract feedback to identify which marketing campaigns were most effective.

How Group SMS for Medical Marijuana Promotions Differs

Group SMS for medical marijuana promotions enables businesses to connect with customers in a single text message. Practically everybody has access to a mobile phone capable of receiving SMS texts. Consequently SMS texting has a broader reach than email and is more reliable – and much cheaper – than direct mail.

In terms of using group SMS for medical marijuana promotions, text message marketing is a “permission-based” activity. An explanation of the term is provided below, but the significant implication of text message marketing being permission-based is that your customers want to hear what you have to say.

As a result, 98% of marketing text messages are opened - compared with just over 10% of marketing emails - and 29% of customers click on a link included in the marketing text message. Research has shown that 47% of customers who click on a link in a marketing text message go on to make a purchase.

What is Meant by “Permission-Based”?

The term “permission-based” means that you have to obtain a customer´s permission to send them marketing text messages before you can include them in your marketing database. The reason why permission is required is to stop consumers from being inundated with spam text messages.

There are several ways to obtain permission. You can ask each of your customers to join individually, request that they refer friends, or place “click-to-join” widgets on your web site. However, the most effective way to build a marketing database is by using keywords and dedicated numbers.

Keywords are short, memorable words that you ask customers to text to a dedicated number. When they text the keyword, your customers opt in to receive group SMS for medical marijuana promotions and their details are automatically added to your database in the group SMS texting platform.

The Group SMS Texting Platform

Keywords and dedicated numbers (and “click-to-join” widgets) are supplied by an SMS texting service provider. The service provider will also give you access to their group SMS texting platform - usually a web-based platform that you log into using a unique username and password.

Once you have a reasonable database of customers, you log into the group SMS texting platform, upload the customers you want to receive your text marketing message, compose your message, and click send. Within minutes your customers will be reaching for their mobile phones to read your message.

The texting platform monitors delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement. With this data, you should be able to refine your medical cannabis marketing campaigns so that they are sent at a time when they will achieve the greatest impact.

Other Features of a Group SMS Texting Platform

If the best time send a group SMS for medical marijuana promotion is inconvenient for you - say for example that you have to serve in a dispensary during peak spikes in engagement - you can compose your message and schedule it to be sent at a later time.

This feature means that you can also prepare drip-feed campaigns and recurring campaigns, and schedule them to be delivered when they will be most effective. The option to save sent text marketing messages as templates will save you time in preparing future medical cannabis marketing campaigns.

Other features include the option to personalize your text marketing messages with your customers´ names and to sort them into groups according to their specific interests. This second feature can be used to send groups of your customers details of promotions only they would be interested in - reducing your marketing costs and generating a higher rate of return.

Using Keywords to Generate Engagement

Keywords have a variety of uses. In addition to being the most effective way to build a marketing database, they can also be used to create different groups within your database automatically. This can be achieved by asking customers to text your keyword that is most relevant to their interests to your dedicated number (for example “CBD”, “Flower”, “Seeds”, “Edibles”, etc.).

An extension of this process is the poll builder. The poll builder can be used to great commercial advantage by sending a text message to your marketing database and asking for your customers to reply from a choice of keywords you have given them. The poll builder can help you identify what products or services your customers are most interested in so you can target future marketing campaigns.

The poll builder exercise does not necessarily have to have a commercial objective. Polls and surveys are a great way to build brand awareness and generate customer engagement. They can even help build your customer database when topical or amusing polls are shared between friends, colleagues and family members. Consequently, this is a feature well worth becoming familiar with.

Try Group SMS for Medical Marijuana Promotions for Free

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There are no contracts to sign, no credits cards required, and no obligation to purchase further credits once your ten free credits have been used. If you would like to try group texting for medical marijuana promotions to see if it works for you, contact us today. Our experienced team will answer any questions you have and set up your free group texting account within minutes.

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