Group Text Messaging for Medical Cannabis Promotions

Group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions is an effective and compliant way for businesses to communicate with customers in an industry where many forms of advertising are prohibited or have strict conditions attached.

Many jurisdictions have introduced regulations that limit the opportunities for medical marijuana advertising campaigns. Rules governing where, how, and to whom you can advertise marijuana and related products prevent many businesses from reaching the widest possible audience.    

However, with group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions, you can control who receives your marketing messages. This, for example, eliminates concerns about advertising in places of public access and minors being exposed to marijuana marketing.

Furthermore, by using group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions, you can reach all your customers simultaneously with medical marijuana advertising campaigns that build brand awareness, generate engagement and increase sales.

How Group Text Messaging for Medical Cannabis Promotions Works

Group texting is a permission-based activity. This means that your customers have to give their permission for you to send them medical marijuana advertising campaigns. Most often this is done by customers texting a keyword to a dedicated number and “opting-in” to receive text promotions. It can also be done by customers responding to “click-to-join” widgets on your website.

Keywords, dedicated numbers, and “click-to-join” widgets are usually available from your group texting service provider. Depending on your licensing jurisdiction, there may be regulations stipulating how you can promote your group texting service, and you may have to implement age-verification procedures to ensure your business complies with the rules for medical marijuana advertising campaigns.

Once you have compiled a database of opted-in customers, you log into the service provider´s group texting platform, upload your database of customers, compose your message and click send. Because most people keep their mobile phones on hand at all times, within minutes your customers will be receiving details of your medical cannabis promotions wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

The intimacy and immediacy of group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions makes group texting a far more effective way of communicating with your customers than direct mail or email, and, because customers receiving your text messages have consciously opted into your service, they will be interested in what your business has to say.

More about Group Texting Platforms

Group texting platforms do more than just send out medical marijuana advertising campaigns. They have many different features that can simplify the management of your customer database, enhance the impact of your text marketing, and monitor how successful your campaigns are. One of the most useful of these is the ability to sort your customer database into groups.

By sorting your customer database into groups according to your customers´ preferences (flowers, edibles, concentrates, etc.), your promotions can be targeted to only the group of customers for whom they are relevant. This not only reduces your marketing costs, but avoids the scenario in which customers opt out of your service because they receive too many texts of no interest to them.

Other features of group texting platforms include the option to schedule group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions in advance, so your text messages are delivered at a time when they will have the greatest impact. This feature can also be used to run drip promotions or recurring medical marijuana advertising campaigns over a period of time by saving sent messages as templates.

The reporting features display delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement. These features can help fine-tune future medical marijuana advertising campaigns and influence the content of future group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions - particularly if you are using the service for soliciting your customers´ opinions through text marketing polls and surveys.

Try Texting Medical Marijuana Advertising Campaigns for Free

If your business is in the regulated medical marijuana industry, and you would like to try texting medical marijuana advertising campaigns, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experienced advisors will inform you whether group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions is permissible in your licensing jurisdiction and, if so, invite you to try it for free.

Our offer consists of a free group texting account, a free keyword and dedicated cellphone number, and free “click-to-join” widgets to place on your website. Your account will be credited with ten free texts so you can try group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions and evaluate whether our service will be of benefit to your business.

There are no contracts to sign nor any obligation for your business to continue with our service once you have tried it. The only time you will be asked to pay for anything is if you wish to purchase more text credits from one of our flexible group texting plans or if you wish to rent more keywords to attract a larger database of customers.

Call us today with any questions you have, and you could be communicating with your customers effectively and compliantly within minutes using group text messaging for medical cannabis promotions.

No contracts, no setup fees, no kidding.

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