Mass Texting for Medical Cannabis Promotions

In many jurisdictions where the sale of medical marijuana is permitted, mass texting for medical cannabis promotions is the most effective way for businesses in the industry to market their products and services to customers.

Mass texting for medical cannabis promotions allows growers, dispensaries and delivery services to contact all their customers - or a selected group of customers - simultaneously in a single text message. As most customers have their mobile phones and smartphones on hand at all times, this channel of communication is quick and effective.

Furthermore, in many jurisdictions the regulations relating to marketing marijuana and related products are restrictive. Mass texting for medical cannabis promotions complies with the regulations for marketing marijuana in many jurisdictions, thus overcoming the obstacles that prevent businesses from reaching the widest possible audience.

How Mass Texting for Medical Cannabis Promotions Works

If your business is located in a jurisdiction in which mass texting for medical cannabis promotions is allowed, there are two things you need in order to send text messages marketing your products and services - access to a group texting platform and a database of customers who have given their permission for you to send marketing texts to them.

Access to a group texting platform can be organized through a bulk texting service provider. The service provider will assign you a username and password for their web-based platform and, once logged in, you simply upload your list of customers, compose your message and click send. Within minutes your customers will be reading your marketing text.

However, before you sent a marketing text, you have to have a database of customers to send the text to. Databases for text marketing are usually developed by inviting potential customers to text a keyword to a dedicated number. When the potential customer texts the keyword, they opt into your bulk texting service and their details will appear in your database.

More about Keywords and Dedicated Numbers

The keyword that you ask your potential customers to text - and the dedicated number that you ask them to text it to - are provided for you by your bulk texting service provider. Usually one keyword is all you need to seed your customer database but, as your database grows, you may wish to rent additional keywords for easier database management or to target customers with specific interests.

If, for example, you run a dispensary with a range of products for sale, you could have one keyword designated for customers interested in CBD products, one keyword for customers interested in liquids, and one keyword for customers interested in flowers. Then, when you had a promotion relating to just CBD products, you would send your marketing text to just those customers interested in the promotion.

Not only does this use of keywords save your marketing costs, it also prevents the scenario in which customers interested in (say) liquids opt out of your bulk texting service because they are receiving marketing texts that are not relevant to them. It is a versatile feature of group texting platforms that helps make mass texting for medical cannabis promotions highly effective.

Other Features of Group Texting Platforms

Group texting platforms have a number of features that can help businesses in the medical marijuana industry create brand awareness, encourage engagement and generate sales. One feature that often gets bulk texting services noticed is the ability to personalize marketing texts with customers´ names. This feature is easy to use in the group texting platform, and is very effective at creating brand awareness.

A feature of the group texting platform virtually guaranteed to encourage engagement is poll building. The poll building feature enables you to send text messages to your customers asking them to reply to a question from a choice of keywords. Your customers´ responses are collected by the group texting platform and can be used to shape future medical marijuana marketing campaigns.

In certain jurisdictions, you can attach discount “on-demand” coupons to your marketing texts. On-demand text marketing coupons have a redemption rate six to eight times higher than retailers achieve via email marketing, and customers visiting your business to redeem their coupons typically purchase additional products or services in addition to the promotion to which they were responding.

Try Mass Texting for Medical Cannabis Promotions for Free

If your business operates within the medical marijuana industry, we invite you to try mass texting for medical cannabis promotions for free. Our offer consists of free access to our group texting platform, a free keyword you can use to invite potential customers to your bulk texting service, a dedicated number to receive the texts from your customers, and ten free texts credited to your account.

There are no set-up costs, no contracts to sign, no credit card required or commitment to continue mass texting for medical cannabis promotions once your free credits have been used. You will only pay if you choose to purchase more text credits from one of our flexible payment plans or if you decide that renting additional keywords would help your bulk texting service flourish.

To find out more about our free offer, or to learn more about mass texting for medical cannabis promotions, do not hesitate to get in touch. If your jurisdiction permits mass texting for medical cannabis promotions, we can have your account up and running within minutes. We will also walk you through our feature-rich group texting platform and be on hand if ever you encounter any problems effectively marketing your products and services.

No contracts, no setup fees, no kidding.

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