Medical Cannabis Dispensary Promotions

If you work in the regulated marijuana industry, you will appreciate the difficulty of advertising medical cannabis dispensary promotions. Depending on the licensing jurisdiction, you may have to comply with marijuana marketing regulations restricting where, how, and to whom you market your products. This can cause a number of issues that prevent you from reaching the widest possible audience - or, in some states, prevent you from reaching any audience at all!

In a “normal” retail environment, you could use a variety of media to reach your customers and market your medical cannabis dispensary promotions. However, in states where marijuana marketing is allowed, most television, radio and newspaper advertising is prohibited because of the risk of exposure to minors. For the same reason the opportunities offered by social media marketing are eliminated, and you cannot advertise in any place of public access - including online.

Remaining Options for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Promotions

This only leaves a limited number of options for medical cannabis dispensary promotions. Direct mail has a low response rate and is unsuitable for time-sensitive promotions. Emails can be accessed by 84% of the adult US population, but marketing emails have an open rate of just 10.79%, and in-store marketing can only be seen by customers who are already in your dispensary. In some states even in-store marketing is prohibited.

A potential solution for medical cannabis dispensaries is SMS text marketing. Approximately 97% of your customers have a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message and, because most people keep their mobile devices within reach at all times, SMS text messages enjoy a high open rate of 98%. Furthermore, the average “click-through” rate (the percentage of people who click on a link in an SMS text message) is more than four times higher than the average click-through rate for marketing emails.

How SMS Text Marketing for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Works

SMS text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries allows you to contact your database of customers - or groups of customers within your database - simultaneously. You first compile a list of customers who want to receive your promotions by inviting them to text a “keyword” to a special ten-digit number. When your customers text the keyword, they are added to your database and can be sent medical cannabis dispensary promotions whenever you have a relevant marketing campaign.

The process for sending medical cannabis dispensary promotions to your customers is very simple. You log into your service provider´s text messaging platform, upload the list of customers you want to receive your message, compose your message, and click send. Within minutes your customers will be receiving details of your medical cannabis dispensary promotions wherever they are, whatever they are doing - and will be more likely to respond to your promotion than if it had been sent by direct mail or email.

More Advantages of Marketing Medical Cannabis Dispensary Promotions by Text

One of the biggest advantages of SMS text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries is that it is a permission-based activity. This means that when your customers text a keyword to your text messaging service, they have to opt into your service in order to receive medical cannabis dispensary promotions. This allows you to introduce age verification safeguards to ensure that you are complying with marijuana marketing regulations and also to find out more about your customers´ preferences.

The information you gather about the preferences of your opted-in customers can help you sort them into groups depending on their interests. Then, when you send medical cannabis dispensary promotions by text, you only send messages to customers for whom they are relevant. This reduces the chances that your customers will opt out of your messaging service because too many of your promotions are of no interest to them, or because they feel you are texting them too frequently. 

Features to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your SMS Text Marketing

Text messaging platforms have several features that can enhance the effectiveness of your SMS text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries. Not all of these features can be used in every licensing jurisdiction, and it is recommended that you review your local marijuana marketing regulations to see which of the following you can use to increase brand awareness, encourage engagement and drive sales:

  • A message scheduling feature provides the opportunity to compose your medical cannabis dispensary promotions in advance and send them out when they will have the greatest impact.
  • The same feature combined with the option to save sent messages as templates can be used to run recurring promotions or drip-fed campaigns.
  • Text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries enables you to send voice broadcasts by text - either pre-recorded or on the spur of the moment.
  • SMS surveys and Text-2-Vote polls are a great means of encouraging engagement and can help build your database when topical surveys and polls are shared among friends.
  • If the information you have gathered about your customers includes their first name, you have the option of personalizing your text messages to achieve greater impact.

One of the most valuable features of a text messaging platform is its reporting capabilities. Once you have sent an SMS marketing text, the platform reports on delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement. The platform also receives any replies to your SMS marketing text. With these analytics, you can fine-tune your next SMS marketing text to maximize the effectiveness of SMS text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries.

Try SMS Text Marketing for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Free

If you work in the regulated medical marijuana industry and would like further advice about text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries - or have a question about the marijuana marketing regulations in your licensing jurisdiction - please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experienced advisors will answer any questions you have about how to run medical cannabis marketing campaigns in your area and explain how we can help.

If text marketing for medical cannabis dispensaries is allowed in your licensing jurisdiction, we will invite you to try our text messaging platform for free. This involves setting you up with a free account, providing you with a free keyword and a special ten-digit number, and ten free credits to try sending medical cannabis dispensary promotions by text. Again if allowed, we will provide you with “Click-to-Join” widgets you can place on your website to invite visitors to join your service.

There are no costs involved in our free offer and no need to give us your credit card number until you want to purchase more credits from our flexible purchasing plans. You do not have to sign a contract or commit to our service to take advantage of our offer. Simply contact us today to start advertising your medical cannabis dispensary promotions in an effective way that ensures you comply with marijuana marketing regulations.

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