Medical Cannabis Promotions

Depending on the state in which you operate your business, advertising medical cannabis promotions can be difficult. Most jurisdictions have regulations stipulating what can and what cannot be advertised, where advertisements can be placed, and the language or imagery they can contain.

In some states you cannot advertise your prices on your storefront. In others, your advertising cannot influence a patient or caregiver to choose a certain physician, dispensary or cannabis product. Some states require you to obtain prior approval to run any medical cannabis promotions at all.

Generally, online advertising and social media advertising are not options because your medical cannabis promotions may be seen by minors. The regulations protecting minors from exposure to cannabis also rule out most advertising on the radio, on TV, or at any location that has public access.

SMS Text Marketing is a Possible Solution

Depending on the state in which you operate your business, SMS text marketing is a possible solution for advertising medical cannabis promotions. SMS text marketing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience with information that is specifically relevant to them.

Because SMS text marketing is a permission-based activity, customers have to opt into your service in order to receive details of your medical cannabis promotions. This gives you the opportunity to implement age verification procedures to ensure you comply with your state´s regulations.

You might still be restricted as to what content you can include in your messages, and you may still need approval before being able to send your marketing texts; however, you will at least have an effective channel of communication with which to reach your customers, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Why SMS Text Marketing is So Effective

SMS text marketing is an effective form of advertising medical cannabis promotions because it is intimate and immediate. People generally only give their cellphone numbers out to others from whom they want to be contacted. Most keep their cellphones within reach 24/7, and pick them up as soon as they hear the ringtone of an incoming message.

Because of the intimacy and immediacy of SMS text marketing, it is a far more effective channel of communication for medical cannabis promotions than email. The average time it takes somebody to respond to an SMS text message is 90 seconds (compared to almost 90 minutes or more for an email), and SMS text marketing produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing.

SMS text marketing is also effective because you do not need any technical or design skills to send or receive a text message. With the click of a button you can deliver information, special offers and time-sensitive discounts straight into your customers´ pockets wherever your customers are, whatever they are doing.

How SMS Text Marketing for Medical Cannabis Promotions Works

In order to advertise medical cannabis promotions with SMS text marketing, you first have to invite customers to join your marketing service. This is usually achieved by asking them to text a keyword to a dedicated number. When they text the keyword, they opt into your service and give their permission for you to send them promotions and other messaging by text.

The keywords and dedicated number are provided for you by your group texting service provider, who also provides access to a web-based group messaging platform. Once you have compiled your list of opted in customers, you log into the platform, upload your list of customers, compose your marketing message and send.

Within minutes, your customers will be reading about your latest medical cannabis promotions - with many acting on them. Research has shown that “on-demand coupons” have redemption rates of between 30 and 50 percent. Customers visiting a dispensary to redeem their coupons will likely visit more often, spend more money, and spread the word about your business.

Features of a Group Messaging Platform

Group messaging platforms have many different features that help you deliver messages with a greater impact, manage you database of customers as your service develops, and monitor the success of your medical cannabis promotions. Each feature is free, easy to use, and should help you increase the volume of sales you generate with SMS text marketing.

  • The scheduling feature is one that can help increase the impact of your messages. This allows you to compose your marketing message in advance and schedule it to be sent later. This is a handy feature if, for example, you want to attract customers to your dispensary at certain times of the day when business may otherwise be quiet.
  • Not everybody will want to receive details of all your promotions. The group messaging platform allows you to sort your customers into groups according to their interests so you target them with only relevant promotions. This will not only save you money on your marketing costs, but also reduce the number of customers opting out of your service.
  • The reporting features on a group messaging platform update in real time to display how well your medical cannabis promotions are performing. By analyzing factors such as delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement, you can fine-tune future medical cannabis promotions so that each becomes more successful.

Other features enable you to personalize your marketing texts with your customers´ names, send polls and surveys (a great way to encourage engagement), and save your sent marketing messages as templates so you can use the most successful ones time and time again. None of these features are difficult to use and, as you use them, you will find they come very naturally to you.

Try Texting Medical Cannabis Promotions for Free

If you are in the medical cannabis industry, and unsure about your marketing options, contact us to discuss the possibility of using SMS text marketing to reach your customers, increase brand awareness and drive sales. Our team of experienced advisors will answer any questions you have regarding the advertising regulations in your jurisdiction and, if such advertising is permitted, offer you the chance to try texting medical cannabis promotions for free.

We will provide you with a free account and ten free credits to try out our group messaging platform and become familiar with its features. There are no set up costs and no credit card required until you decide to purchase credits from our flexible texting plans. If you have a website, our team will also provide you with “Click-to-Join” forms you can use to encourage customers to sign up to your marketing service.

There are no contracts to sign and no obligation to commit to a higher level of service at any time. You will not be charged for any incoming messages received by the group messaging platform, and our team of experienced advisors is always on hand to provide help and advice if you encounter any problems. Give us a call today and you can be texting like a pro (and connecting like a friend) within minutes.

No contracts, no setup fees, no kidding.

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